Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy classes starting January 9, 2018

Join us in the adventure and joy of massage therapy. In this upcoming program you will be exposed to excellent local, national and international teachers. Many are experts in their modalities.

We are a massage school by massage therapists committed to quality education. This means that everyone involved in creating the school and curriculum have molded the information from real life experiences as practicing massage therapists. Our teachers are not teaching to practice, but already established and wanting to share their love of this work in an educational setting.

On December 7, 2015, the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy unanimously voted and approved Full Circle Massage Therapy School LLC, Lexington, Kentucky, as the newest approved school of massage therapy in Kentucky.   Full Circle has been voted to receive a certificate of good standing for its massage therapy program commencing January 12, 2016.

A certificate of good standing is required to be a massage therapy training program approved by the Kentucky Board, which issues a license to individual applicants to practice massage therapy in Kentucky.  It’s certificate of good standing allows graduates of Full Circle to meet the educational requirement of a minimum of 600 hours of supervised instruction in a massage therapy training program required for licensure as a massage therapist in Kentucky.  Full Circle also holds a current Resident School License from the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education.  The practice of massage therapy has been a regulated profession in Kentucky since 2003.

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Why choose Full Circle for Massage Therapy Training?

The core program focuses on the ethics, science, introduction to many modalities, business, communication, psychology, chakras and energetic anatomy, and much more concerning therapeutic massage. This is an immersion program to give you the feeling of apprenticeship, the original way this knowledge was transferred to students in many cultures through the centuries. Knowing massage therapy is a hands-on career, we focus on giving you as much hands on experience with an instructor present to help refine your skills.

What makes Full Circle's Massage Program different?

Our program is a balance between the current modern western  science and research based massage and older energetic and spiritual modalities cultivated by cultures older than our own (such as Polynesian, Indian and Asian) . We feel this provides the student with a unique educational experience allowing themselves to investigate more than one view of the benefits and uses of massage therapy. Focusing on the mind, heart, body and spirit we invite the student as a whole to participate in their educational experience giving an opportunity for wholeness or as our name expresses a Full Circle.

Full Circle Massage School, LLC understands that everyone has their own needs and preferences for what they are looking to receive from their educational experience. There is no one size fits all program and we encourage you to pick the one that works best for you, whether it ends up being Full Circle. We offer a very personal experience with all the instructors and staff. We are not a school business. Full Circle is a family of individuals in our community that want to provide support for others’ with interest in massage therapy, bodywork and personal growth.

What is the average class size, price & length of the Massage Program?

Classes in this program are deliberately kept small allowing students to receive more individual attention from our experienced instructors. Classes usually range from 6-10 students and we only offer a day and night class once a year.

The total cost for the Massage Therapy program is $10,000. This includes everything – fees, textbooks, equipment, one time Licensure exam fee, supplies and parking. We do offer limited scholarships and work study programs. As a private school with a focus on quality through an advanced program in Massage Therapy, we have decided not to accept federal financial assistance through accreditation.*

Paying for school while in the program has a huge advantage over taking loans and debt. Paying an affordable payment plan allows you to pay for school while attending and keeps you from being in debt once you get out. No looming student loan or further debt fees to have to address once you are out of school. Plus, the money budgeted to pay for school can then be directed to starting your business or other needs once you graduate rather than having to quickly find a way to pay for the upcoming bills from the loans.

Graduation typically occurs after completing 43-52 weeks of training. Times may vary for full graduation depending on make-up work, student clinic and other factors.


*”The main reason for this process [accreditation](in my opinion) is to add on access to federal financial aid. The entire financial aid program is a mess, under revision and no one knows what is going to happen… I have no motivation or desire to become institutionally accredited and will fight tooth and nail to avoid being forced to be compliant with regulation that is specifically related to financial aid…it had nothing to do with the integrity and quality of the school operations and education.” — Sandy Fritz (reference click here) Author of Mosby’s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage(Most Massage school’s bible for teaching massage), Mosby’s Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage, Clinical Massage in the Health Care Setting and Sports and Exercise Massage. An educator for more than 30 years and design curriculum using innovative concepts and teaching strategies.

What is the class schedule?

For the convenience of our students, the Massage Therapy program offers both day and evening classes. Both day and evening classes are held Tuesday through Thursday with alternating weekends for lecture classes and three elective modalities. The day class hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30 am-1:30 pm; Alternating weekends Saturday & Sunday 10a-2p each day for most of the program and changes to 10a-4p and Elective Modalities Friday-Sunday 9a-5p each day. The night class hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm; Alternating weekends Saturday & Sunday 10a-2p each day for most of the program and changes to 10a-4p and Elective Modalities Thursday-Sunday 9a-5p each day.

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