Education Mission

Full Circle Massage School, LLC is dedicated to providing an open environment & solid curriculum that encourages and inspires the student to develop on a personal and professional level. We are committed to creating a community where each individual is valued. The faculty consciously and compassionately holds space for each student’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth; thus giving the student the ability to share this with their future clients in a similar way.

Career Support Mission

We limit our number of graduates each year to allow us to keep each student as the focal point of our curriculum and increase the career opportunities for each graduate. Knowing that a flooded market of massage therapists does not assist the massage community with controlling our own careers. Full Circle is attentive in assisting students to attain their career aspirations in massage therapy.

Community Building Mission

Full Circle Massage School, LLC is currently working towards non-profit status and is dedicated to building an open and welcoming community to all. Full Circle Massage School, LLC is committed to building this community by providing excellent educational services and community programs that will benefit individuals in both fortunate and unfortunate situations allowing healing to come to the forefront. Full Circle Massage School, LLC dedicates much of its profits to helping the community at large with many types of hosted events and assisting programs. Full Circle Massage School, LLC is a true community venture being supported by a colorful mix of many different communities.